Friday, June 29, 2007

Indy home to affordability title | IndyStar.com 

Indy home to affordability title | IndyStar.com: "Affordability rankings
1. (tie) Indianapolis
Youngstown, Ohio
3. Dayton, Ohio
4. Detroit
5. Grand Rapids, Mich.
6. Buffalo, N.Y.
7. Toledo, Ohio
9. Cleveland
10. Rochester, N.Y."

Yes Indianapolis ties with Youngstown, Ohio for housing affordability. We did it again. As the list above proclaims, Indianapolis has beat out some big names in cheap living. On the other hand, reading through the list, affordability isn't everything its cracked up to be. You could rename the above list, "America's Dull Spots Top Ten", or "At least I'm not in Youngstown", or possibly "Vinyl Clad Housing Industry's Best Cities to Be a Siding Man".

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In Parasite Survival, Ploys to Get Help From a Host - New York Times 

In Parasite Survival, Ploys to Get Help From a Host - New York Times: "the horsehair worm, which thrives as a larval youth inside a cricket or grasshopper, but must be delivered to a stream or lake to breed. Healthy crickets and grasshoppers are devoutly terrestrial and do not go swimming. A parasitized insect, however, finds itself with the odd compulsion to head for the nearest body of water and jump in, at which point the ripened, writhing worm bursts its host apart like a comic book villain rupturing from a mild-mannered disguise, and starts seeking another freshly born-again worm."

Monday, June 18, 2007


As G noted previously, Helen's death is a passage of relief, as she was in poor health physically and mentally. We will use this time to remember her when she was living better times.
I first got to know her well when I graduated from college and did not have a place to live yet in Cincinnati. Otto and Helen generously put me up for a week or so as I tried to put down some roots in their hometown. This was an amazingly generous gesture on their part, as they were trying to get ready for a gala 50th anniversary celebration. Her hospitality inspired me.
Some random memories...She helped make dresses for my wedding and they looked great. When Otto and Helen hosted Christmas for the last time, Helen made lasagna. Everyone was griping a bit about the non traditional dinner but at the same time plates were cleaned for seconds and thirds. We sang some carols and watched old 8mm films of the family. I had such a wonderful time with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins. Helen baked holiday sugar cookies that were soft and buttery, treasured by all the cousins. Her dinner rolls were well loved too. She was such a good cook that the Cincinnati Enquirer did a feature on her.
Rest in peace with, Grandma. You have a special place in many hearts.

Goodbye to a Great Mother , and a Great Cook. 


Today at 2:48 p.m. my grandmother, Helen, died. My father was at her side. Over the weekend, her other children spent a great deal of time watching over her in her final hours. She has had dementia and other health problems for some time. It has been many long days for her sons, daughters and in-laws.

Helen's quality of life was gone. Pain and frailness were with her to the end. Now her burden has been removed.
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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Enquirer - Museum's 'Adam' clip gone 

The Enquirer - Museum's 'Adam' clip gone

The Northern Kentucky Creation Museum has had some problems. The actor they chose to play Adam in a video had a questionable past, not made in the 'image' the museum likes to portray.

It was even harder for the Creation Museum to find credible scientists to vouch for the 'science' of the museum.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lunch Bikeride on the Murray Baja 

Took off on my 30 minute lunch ride today. Out over I-65, to 100 East 250 South. On the way:

Weedy fields of small soybean plants with mustard and 1/4 grown ragweed.

Young corn standing taller in uniform weedless rows.

A farm house well kept, back from the country road with what in Indy might be a park in front of the house. Big lush cottonwoods, maple and oak set in a fine mowed long rectangle with sun and deep shade.

A bi-plane swimming high above the till plain.

A walk-away from the Boone County Jail. The sheriff calling "Hey Hoss, where you headin'?"

Agelaius phoeniceus singing over the joy of a deep ditch all wild with life.

(I just looked up the latin last weekend.) Back to work.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Enquirer - Cornhole town reels in movie 

The Enquirer - Cornhole town reels in movie

Was there ever a question that Cincinnati's game, "Cornhole" would be made into a movie? At the Indianapolis 500 last weekend, cornhole sets were abundant. As were beer bongs and coolers.

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