Monday, June 18, 2007


As G noted previously, Helen's death is a passage of relief, as she was in poor health physically and mentally. We will use this time to remember her when she was living better times.
I first got to know her well when I graduated from college and did not have a place to live yet in Cincinnati. Otto and Helen generously put me up for a week or so as I tried to put down some roots in their hometown. This was an amazingly generous gesture on their part, as they were trying to get ready for a gala 50th anniversary celebration. Her hospitality inspired me.
Some random memories...She helped make dresses for my wedding and they looked great. When Otto and Helen hosted Christmas for the last time, Helen made lasagna. Everyone was griping a bit about the non traditional dinner but at the same time plates were cleaned for seconds and thirds. We sang some carols and watched old 8mm films of the family. I had such a wonderful time with all of the aunts, uncles, cousins. Helen baked holiday sugar cookies that were soft and buttery, treasured by all the cousins. Her dinner rolls were well loved too. She was such a good cook that the Cincinnati Enquirer did a feature on her.
Rest in peace with, Grandma. You have a special place in many hearts.

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