Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Way for Indianapolis and the Colts. Debtor's Prison. Oh, I meant Miami.
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AWOL for 20 years, Hoosier battle flag is back | IndyStar.com 

AWOL for 20 years, Hoosier battle flag is back | IndyStar.com: "The Art Crime Team"

With all of the blue flags flying around here for the Colts, here is a blue flag of a different sort. Instead of blue and white, it's the blue and gold of the flag of the 25th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, which fought for the Union at Shiloh, Vicksburg and Atlanta.

Misappropriated from the Indiana World War Memorial sometime in the early 90s, it was found in an auction.

It's a little valuable to wave, but if I could I would wave it in the faces of the jacklegs who sport Old Dixie while they drive around with Indiana license plates on their trucks. Just a reminder: Indiana fought against the Confederates, and we won.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Colts Vs. Bears 

Last weekend while watching Dungy, Peyton and the Colts square off against the Foxboro Patriots, I noticed something unusual, possibly even astonishing. Everytime the Colts scored, Smokie Joe, our Russian Blue, would run over and leave something special in his cat box. Then he'd run around all excited, like he scored another one for the home team.

Well, Smokie Joe might be on to something.
Next weekend something foul will be crawling out of that litter box on the northwest edge of Indiana to take on the Colts in Miami.

The Colts'll just need to do their business, and then kick up their heels as they grab that Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Go Colts. Sorry to all of you misguided Bears fans.


PS: That one girl did the drawing.

Click the drawing for a larger version.
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Go here for a larger image suitable for printing on a full 8.5 by 11 piece of paper:

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Enquirer - Newport's live music mecca 

The Enquirer - Newport's live music mecca

Article on Newport, Kentucky's Southgate House, truly, a great music venue. Back in the 90s Abs, I and the Mulhausers caught Guided By Voices and the Breeders there. We showed up and the concert was sold out.

So for a little bit we grabbed some drinks at the bar. Going to the men's room, I noticed that you could just walk around behind the wrap around bar, shortcutting security and be in the balcony watching the show. A few minutes later, we were all in the balcony watching GBV. And what a show it was.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Indianapolis Colts beat the New England Patriots like the dogs that they are.
Go Blue.

But where is the song and dance? Where is the Superbowl Shuffle? Who Dey Gonna Beat Them Horseshoes? Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Big Ice Storm 

News from our friends J and J down in Springfield, MO, where the big ice storm has destroyed all of the utility lines and trees in the town.

"Hey guys, I'm up at school, in my office. We are getting warm. MSU is one of the only places in town with power. Our power went out Friday eve and has not been on since. Its total chaos here. The national guard is here. Every tree in the town is split, fractured or fallen over. Sean had a tree take out his kitchen window and the back of his porch. Our neighbors on the other side had a tree fall on their roof, trapped their dog in his pen. The dog is free now and fine. Our neighbor Phil gave a guy with a chainsaw $550 to take down some big limbs that were looming over his house. Sean gave the guy $300 to take the rest of the big limbs over his house. Luckily, we have no big trees in our yard. Our little dogwood in front has shattered into a dozen pieces.

All the power, phone and cable lines are down and in the road. Its like this all over town. At night we sleep with multiple layers of clothes and a dozen blankets. Since there is no power its totally black and silent except for the sound of sirens and trees falling on houses. It makes it hard to sleep. Our temperatures keep dropping. Today our high is 22 degrees. Tonight it will be 6 degrees with a 20-40 mph wind. Tomorrow the high is predicted to be 16 degrees. We have heard we will not regain power until the weekend at the earliest. The university is supposed to decide at noon today if we are having classes tomorrow or not (first day of spring semester). I don't see how we can, but I guess since they still have power they can say its on and the rest of us have to try to rise to the occasion. Our cell phone stopped receiving a signal this morning. We think the tower might be down or defunct. Next time I make it up to school, (as long as it maintains power), I'll send ya an update.

Hope you all are well.

Link to news article with photo gallery.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the Afternoon Ritual 


by That One Girl

First a quick stick blood sugar check

Second comes the spooning of yogurt

Third comes the scrape scrape scrape of the spoon

Kerrrack! The Pepsi pop top opens and then

Sllluuuuurpp. Nirvana is achieved.

Two hours hence.

The quick stick, the Kerrrack, the slurp slurp slurp.

The chair is straddled, the banana peeled.

Banana is eaten with great relish and open lipped smacking.

Peace at last.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

riverfronttimes.com - News - Eat More Beaver 

riverfronttimes.com - News - Eat More Beaver

We were at the Soulard Market this weekend in St. Louis. No, we did not purchase beaver meat. But Ab but some rabbit at a good deal for her paella, from this vendor.

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