Saturday, January 27, 2007

Colts Vs. Bears 

Last weekend while watching Dungy, Peyton and the Colts square off against the Foxboro Patriots, I noticed something unusual, possibly even astonishing. Everytime the Colts scored, Smokie Joe, our Russian Blue, would run over and leave something special in his cat box. Then he'd run around all excited, like he scored another one for the home team.

Well, Smokie Joe might be on to something.
Next weekend something foul will be crawling out of that litter box on the northwest edge of Indiana to take on the Colts in Miami.

The Colts'll just need to do their business, and then kick up their heels as they grab that Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Go Colts. Sorry to all of you misguided Bears fans.


PS: That one girl did the drawing.

Click the drawing for a larger version.
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Go here for a larger image suitable for printing on a full 8.5 by 11 piece of paper:

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