Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Vote for GW Bush for More Stripmining!
More Clearcuts! More Mercury in our Fish! More Cancer in your Children!

George Bush - - America's Number One Anti-Scientist!
Our Endtimes Leader!


Last night I saw a watercolor sky and sharp light jutting from beneath a cloudbank- turning everything vivid and new. I saw the sun light up the bottom of a pair of birds spinning in the sky, I saw trees go from green to silver, I saw streaks of red and blue later. No artist could attempt to capture such visions, although Jeep did have the Mavica out. I'm curious to see if it was able to do any justice.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

IE bites the dust. 

Well, time to drop Internet Explorer in the trashbin. US CERT, with the Dept. of Homeland Defense, suggests that you stop using Internet Explorer - - - Period. Get Another browser: Foxfire, from Mozilla, is available for Windows and Mac. If you have Mac OS X+, you got Safari from Mac, so why you using IE anyway.

The problem is that IE might let infected websites steal your id, credit card number, password or other secure information that you have typed. Steal it and use it for devious purposes.

Like Abby said . . . 

Hobbling around Chicago was fun. Broke foot or no.
Man, those sweet and seasoning herb shops in Chinatown can't be beat for intense flavor action.
Go to U of Chicago and walk around.
There, visit the Oriental Museum for some rare and spectacular exhibits from our past . . . from Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt.


Just bought a new CD/MP3 player, Curtis Mathis (I thought they made TVs). $35 and beats our Sony that just got fried. It plays MP3s and WMAs and plays WinAmp playlists. Has rechargable batteries, but accepts AA and two types of DC power supplies. What a deal.

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