Friday, May 16, 2003

I was just thunder-struck by a phantom odor. It brought Proustian waves of heart-tugging memory. I was on my way out the back of the office to smoke a cigarette and thought I smelled fried cubesteak, mashed potatoes,peas, gravy. I stopped in front of the door and tears came to my eyes! There was, in the air, a perfect replication of a regular childhood meal...so long ago...when all the girls were at home eating Mom's cooking with Dad still alive. How bizarre! Last spring i had a similar smelling incident- i was walking in the neighborhood and was over-powered with the smell of grilling hamburgers. Of course that's not unusual, but I mean this was the odor of grilling burgers made with French's mustard, a dash of worchestershire sauce, a dash of onion powder, topped with individually wrapped slices of Kraft American cheese- in short, exactly the way my mother made them. I believe it was an olfactory memory. It brought tears to my eyes as well, because from the time I was a little girl I always "helped" my Dad grill out. Ah, so much gone! I'm glad I can recall and keep it alive!

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