Friday, February 27, 2004

Tip for kids trying o sneak alcohol into festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo): Make up a bunch of mash potatoes. Pour in a 1/2 gallon of cheap vodka (Czar of Kentucky brand). Let soak. Take it in as a 'supplement'. Enjoy the superbuzz while you spoon down a bunch of mash potatoes.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Since everyone is blogging about politics I think it's time to talk about something very dear to my heart- music! Of course I'm not going get political, not today anyway. We've been listening to Meadowlands by the Wrens- over and over and over. Thanks Bryan S for suggesting this! We put on "Ex-Girlfriend Collection" and swoon. That song sounds like Tobin Sprout and Bob Pollard re-united and wrote a masterpiece channeled through the spirit of an old Hollies song with lyrics that were written by a Maxim editor. Blase with too many women in his life, the singer wryly observes his chastising girlfriends. You know he doesn't want it any other way. The song turns out so beautiful, and Jeep and I have to listen to it intently and then hit play again. Other songs on the album are wonderful too.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

From the very beginning the Bush Presidency has concentrated entrenching an Extreme right-wing doctrine into American life. Science and facts are shouldered out of the way.

The Bush Administration bows to the food industry, saying "There is no obesity problem," when you can just look around and see. Bush bends to anti-abortionists by delaying the "Morning after" contraceptive pill, Plan B even though Plan B has been studied extensively and is safe. Isn't it funny how supposed Pro-Lifers are against contraceptives that would REDUCE the number of abortions. For Bush, research and facts are only useful if they support his political agenda.

More than 60 scientists, including 20 Nobel laureates and several science advisers to Republican presidents, on Wednesday accused the Bush administration of manipulating and censoring science for political purposes.

Bush and the extreme right will continue to twist things around. Myth and hypocrisy sit on their shoulders. I guess Americans need to decide if they want to stand by reason and proof, or if they would rather have the darkness and denile of the Bush Dynasty.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"We used to sell from 50 to 100 properties a month," says spokesman Capt. Phil Burton, referring to a few years ago, before Indiana's foreclosure rate skyrocketed in 2003 and doubled that of the rest of the nation. "Now, we have over 500 plus (Sheriff's foreclosure auctions) a month."
-Ruth Holladay, Indy Star

A lousy economy, our predatory lending laws and our lack of a regulatory body to oversee first-time mortgages are blamed. Oh, and don't forget the regressive Indiana State House who promise to take us back to the proud days of the 1830s, where Indiana when bankrupt by betting on canals.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

It is cold here today, but the crows have decided to look elsewhere for breakfast. Their behavior is starting to change looking towards spring. Just a week ago we had over two dozen corvids in our yard.

The squirrels appear to be gathering nesting material. A happy little wren is sneaking under our garage door, presumably its nesting ground.

Gave blood yesterday. My A Negative is kind of rare (6% in the US). To me it is a great occasion to eat lots of sweets and junk food. For Valentine's Day, Abby collected pate, cheeses, mussels, and a nice Syrah. We consumed these in front of a fire while reading dirty limerics.

Yessiree, Val. I have to agree. Here at Altad Jeepsta we are for the downtrodden, the environment and our neighbors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

facts u might have forgotten
us paid millions and pardoned the japanese for bioligical testing on the chinese and other various people mostly war prisoners
people talk about nazi and the fiendish doctors of world war two
but japan was pardoned set free no consequences
is shocking history just keeps repeating

when will we break the chain

love your self love your neighbor

love really is all we need


if only the world will listen

who else
gives millions of dollars away to put people in power
transport drugs
confiscate natural resources
then wage a mock war against the very puppet dictator they put into power
pay money for biological information against humanity

who u ask


Saturday, February 07, 2004

Snowy Saturday morning watching our crows gobble cat food. Zoya the orange cat mumbles and chatters beside me- she loves to watch the crows too, although they are about as big as she. Aesthetically it's such a beautiful sight- sweeping black wings on white snow. We have about 15 crows. Sometimes the Cooper's hawk comes and attempts to get a crow dinner, but I've never seen her succeed. The crows alternate between fear and scorn when she descends, some of them flee and others brazenly come back when she's still in the yard. Once she was waddling around in my driveway, and I saw that a squirrel was under our car, taunting her. All this nature smack dab in a fairly urban neighborhood- I love it!!

Friday, February 06, 2004

If you wanna ride
Dont ride the white horse
If you wanna ride
Dont ride the white horse
White horse
Dont ride the white horse
White horse
Dont ride the white horse.

If you wanna be rich
You got to be a bitch
You got to be a bitch
I said rich, rich you bitch

If you wanna ride
Ride the white pony
Ride, ride the white pony
White pony, white pony

- Laid Back

Another reason why Finland is becoming such a hot tourist destination (besides the smoked salmon and saunas)- search on this: Mieskuoro Huutajat (Men's Choir Shouters). Enough said, um..rather shouted.

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