Friday, January 25, 2008


January is finally turning around, at least for me, and looking forward to the new year. Looking at new art is always a great way to get the year in gear. Two friends of mine are involved in separate art shows.

Living in Cincinnati and working at Art Academy of Cincinnati, Paige Williams is presenting a show At the Green Line Cafe
in Powelton Village, Philadelphia . . . 3649 Lancaster Avenue...between 37th and 38th Streets. On the card to the right, the bottom portion is an image of one of Paige's pieces.

Monday through Friday: 7AM - 9PM
Saturday: 8AM - 8PM
Sunday: 8AM - 8PM
tel 215.382.2143
e-mail: GreenLine [at] greenlinecafe [dot] com
Visit the site at http://www.greenlinecafe.com/index1.htm
Hopefully the Green Line website will update and include more info on the show soon.

Another friend J. Stoelting has the selection to the left included in a show that highlights Women's History Month coming up in March. The piece is from a larger project she put together while working in Missouri.Reflect-arts, Inc. is hosting the show at their Fountainhead Gallery, 32 W. 28th St., 3rd Fl. New York, NY.

Women’s History Month 2008: Relics & Remembrances; the theme encourages the artist to interpret this notion with their
personal imagination and craft. The opening champagne reception featuring live music will take place on Saturday, March 8,
2008. Reflect-arts will provide winners with invitation cards, as well as all public relations, marketing services and extensive
mailing to the Reflect-arts and Fountainhead Gallery mailing lists.

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