Thursday, September 29, 2005

More dancing at Lotus World Music 2005 in Bloomington, IN Posted by Picasa

More Pics from Lotus World Music 2005

Some of the bands we caught at this years LOtus Fest included APPEX, the Creole Cowboys, Seu Jorge, Los Gauchos de Roldán, Trio Joubran, Samarabalouf, Sidi Goma, and Funkadesi. Descriptions: http://www.lotusfest.org/artistlist05.html

Lotus World Music 2005 

Dancers, Lotus World Music 2005 Posted by Picasa

Our trip to Bloomington, Indiana for the 2005 Lotus World Music Festival was
definitely worth thr drive. We met up with our friend Missy in Bloomington's 3rd Street Park. Lotus in the Park was the free part of the festival and included mucho things for kids to do.

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Birthdays, a fireman, clams, a cello, and lotsa old signs! 

American Sign Museum 

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The weekend September 10 and 11 2005 found us celebrating our neice Meghan's 6th birthday in Lawrencburg, IN. Included there we got to visit where her dad works. Her dad's a fireman. Great tour.
Afterward we hit Northside in Cincy for our friend Paige's 40th birthday clambake.
Boy, was she surprised. The next day we had a minirecital by our friend and got a visit to where her dad does some work at the fantastic American Sign Museum.

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