Friday, November 21, 2003

I wish I could capture the quality of light right now. It is a lovely shadowless flat twilight that followed a sunset of ice blues and salmon pinks. The air was warm as I walked around the neighborhood, and everything seemed to respond to that warmth. A bat fluttered over a gravel drive hunting the sluggish black moths. A first year robin tested its voice, first with a hoarse scolding chirp, then with the classic spring song in halting phrases. I needed some beauty today. A co-worker who helped me through cancer was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He had Hodgkin's disease ten years ago. Fear of secondary cancer grips the heart of any survivor like a cold secret. Of course it is difficult to tell if this is a secondary cancer, and the medical establishment applies life saving tactics first and asks questions later. The answers are published in journals undecipherable to the layman or survivor, and that cold secret is left to be contemplated some other day.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Our 'Altar to Dick Beard' is almost at the end of its exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center's El Dia de los Muertos show. Designing, building and exhibiting the altar has been a wonderful experience, and definitely worth the many hours/weeks we put into it. It was the Wonderful Watt who suggested we try and put soemthing in this exhibit, oh that Susan.

At their best, these altars allow people to work through their grief by building a multi-dimensional representation of a life, a love and the associated memories. I saw the altar work for Abby.

As Abby says below the opening/celebration at IAC was a hoot. I had me face painted with a yellow skull, dressed in my best purple velevt jacket with my yeller goat staff. With the Mexican Folk & Aztec dancers, the yummy foods from El Sol, the Pan de Muerto from Merry's Bakery, the day was real celebration.

The Indianapolis Star had the following to say.

In a short mention describing the entire exhibit in Indy's weekly, NUVO, Mary Lee Pappas writes "Every Shrine is personally poignant and emotionally charged with mementos that represent the life of a deceased loved one. Abby and Jeep Filter's interactive altar is a theater stage, a most appropriate way to remember the life of her father who had been an actor. Souvenirs from his career are colorfully assembled with marigolds, "cempazuchile," strewn across his sanctuary. Cheryl Balog's very simple tabletop altar, "For my Grandmother Cecile," was a collaged box with iconic, halo-adorned images of Cecile. Dried cempazuchile trailed from the table on the floor that is believed to bring the deceased loved one to the altar. Every single effort is thoroughly thoughtful and passionately executed, so much that any unsuspecting viewer could be moved to tears."

The exhibition is supposed to end Sunday Nov. 9th, but will be held over one more day so Senator Lugar can see it.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Leaves are bright as jewels right now and the air is warm and heavy, not unlike May. Spectacular.
We got cleaned up on Saturday night and went to the Hilbert Circle Theatre (http://www.indianapolissymphony.org/hilbert/) for a night of wonderful Halloween classics, beginning with a lovely lilting "Danse Macabre" that had me grinning like a madwoman throughout. I intend to return and enjoy our symphony sooner than later.
Sunday was so warm and sunny. We trekked over to Broadripple and the Indianapolis Art Center(http://www.indplsartcenter.org/) for their annual Day of the Dead celebration. We have an alter this year, in honor of my father Richard Beard. I was impressed by the size of the crowd and the tasty free food and had to dodge a myriad of darting children with faces painted as skulls... Several friends turned up, including one with her son, 13 or 14, whom I have not seen since he was an infant! When I looked at this tall boy I really felt the passage of time. Ah, mortality! Death smiles at you while the sun warms your face. What an appropriate place to experience this sensation. Later we walked through Crown Hill Cemetary in a candle lit procession attended by the Mayor among others. El Sol provided free tasty dinner, and car trouble provided a couple of hours of frustration to prevent the weekend from being perfect. I shall refrain from posting a string of curses upon the vehicle.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Yeah Halloween on Friday was spring-like, with a light showers. Tricksters were many, with one lad in a massive cow costume. The neighbors Boey were booing with fog machine and voice modulated. The girls across the street had a party. I was all purple except for my orange skull-face.

Many a spooky types peoples came to our house. Maid Marian Pell and Good Knight Bruce stopped by with a majic pumpkin. Big Todd of the Sombrero and Reb showed up. Susan and Jeremy brought some chocolate ice cream which was delish on top of the Ween Dongs Pat brought. Pat and Mark's friend Missy from Martinsville even attended. Todd and Jo were sharply dressed. Kim Bennett Atkins came by, from Daleville. Let me not forget JohnStoelting's brother and sister-in-law Mark and Karen came by and showed us some scary photos of their new home, including 70s-style Living Room Hot Tub.

Lotsa homemade pizza were scarfed. Too warm for a fire in the place, and to damp for a fire in the firepit. Lotsa Ween was played on top of spooky music.

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