Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I was just reading the fun Mr Breakfast website. I am a card-carrying breakfast lover. My favorite breakfast? Hmm. Honeydew or cantelope with a Thomas's sourdough English muffin that's been bathed in butter and black raspberry jam. Or, a poached egg on buttered whole wheat toast. Or peanut butter toast with a side of bacon. Lately my breakfasts have been downright sparton in comparison to those- as I try to watch my waistline I have fruit with a bit of cheese or a container of organic yogurt. A good gala apple and an ounce of Cashel blue seems like a treat, but is completely within my limits. On weekends I like to make from scratch buttermilk pancakes and watch Jeep eat seven or eight. That man loves his bread. He'll eat five or six of my biscuits with butter and honey. If I ate that many I'd have to curl up and go back to sleep afterwards...

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Sunny Day I Suffer Now.
Rhinovirus rears its ugly nose.
Its still summer . . . until Tuesday.

Friday and Saturday we camped under the oaks and stars in the Brownstown Hills. Karen and Bruce showed up. Friday night we pretty much had the park (JAckson-Washington State Forest) to ourselves. Felt real deep woodsy. Saturday we hiked up to Pinnacle Rock, and saw only one other hiker in 5 hours. It was Gorgeous. A few more campers arrived that night but it was still great.

Friday, September 19, 2003

No link between 9/11 and Iraq? That's what the President said.

But wait. Before we went to war, friends would argue that "Yes, there was a link". That was one of the reason it was justified that we go to war against Iraq. The other being the elusive weapons of mass destruction.

On the radio and the news and at work I hear people say "Why are in Iraq? You have a short memory . . . because of the WTC, 9/11".
People were saying that the President must know more about this link between Iraq and 9/11, but that the US government couldn't divulge more at the time because it would compromise the situation.
The White House led the citizens of our country to believe we were going to Iraq as a direct result of Iraq's involvement in 9/11. Bush has led on the American people too long.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Tuesday Night - Jazz Kitchen on College Avenue.
We saw the Buselli/Wallarab Jazz Orchestra.
They did some Duke, Hoagy Carmichael, Strayhorn, and some original stuff. Great show with some great vegetarian food. And some French wine. Mmm.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Watched Das Boot last weekend. YEah, that is great study in humanity. Plus jaw-dropping intensity.

Worked with GRUV AV on Saturday for the American Neurological Ambassador's Headache Club. Whatever. Cluster Headaches for all. Sat was beautiful weather. That's when I found out the governor died. That night Dalevillians John and Kim made it to our place for some grilling and burning that ring of fire. Pat, MArk, Todd and Jo popped by, too.

Sunday abby made up a kettle of pork and beans which we set on the still hot coals of the firepit, while we went to the 17th Wes Montgomery Jazz Festival. On the way we got stuck in the crowd of happy Colts fans after Indy beat Tennessee. Military Park was filled with drunken Irish and wannabes at the Irish Fest, but we moved on to listen to some great jazz on the pleasant downtown canal, near St. Clair. Later we saw some pretty funny short films at the Indy Gay and Lesbian Film Festival down the street from our house.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Governor is Dead; Long Live the Gov!
Governor of Indiana Frank O' Bannon 1930 - 2003.

R.I.P. Jack Tripper, Lucky Hugger of Suzanne Sommers.

Tonite we burn a ring of fire for the Man in Black. J.Cash.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Last weekend wow.

Summer still on. Friday after dindin at Mama Corollas (good cocktails, great clams and calamari with linguini - slow service) Swag, Jo, Todd, and the two of us went to the Patio in Broad Ripple to see the Pernice Brothers. We got some rockstar parking and met a friend from work, Juan at the door. The opening act, a singer with a great voice, had mannerisms that reminded Ab of Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas . . . unfortunately once he got off the stage he continued the Cage routine stumbling into a bar stool.

The Pernice Brothers immediately took to the stage. And they jammed. Great short set. Joe Pernice and the band had to do a short set. Rain Chorus, a local Indiana group, had a scheduled CD release party and unfortunately the Pernice Bros. had to clear the stage, but not after they turned many in the audience into Pernice Believers. After the show we got to talk with Joe and guitarist Peyton Pinkerton. Friendly guys for East Coasters.

Four Words: See The Pernice Brothers.

Saturday Abby went for her first bicycle ride via a tandem rented at downtown Indy's White River State Park. We had a good if nervous time coasting around the canal and the IUPUI campus. Fantastic September weather made the ride even better. Later that night we soaked away the bumps in the hot tub at Gerke House off Eagle Creek Reservoir with Amber, Ryan, Zach, Todd, Jo, Pat, and Chawny.

Sunday me maw and paw came up for a fantastic dinner by Abby including our fresh tomatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, pork tenderloin, and spice cake. I made the sun tea. An early celebration of Karen Filter's birthday which is today. We also went for a walk around the new Indiana State Museum.

Monday, September 08, 2003

What a fantastic weekend. Friday we ate at Mama Carolla's Italian Restuarant with Jo & Todd, and the food was splendid. I had veal and mushrooms with gorganzola & pasta, and although I usually never eat veal it was worth lifting the ban just this once. Afterward we saw the Pernice Brothers play at the Patio for a mere $7. Such a bargain to see this great band- they are good straightforward pop music powered by Joe Pernice's lush, intense singing. We bought their new CD "Yours, Mine, Ours" and had the band autograph it. Jeep chatted for quite a while with Payton Pinkerton, the guitarist. Jo thrilled their keyboard player by giving him one of the infamous glowing Crestron pens.
Saturday I rode a tandem bike with Jeep around White River State Park. After a shakey start we synched up enough to enjoy it. Zipping along, blue skies above, cool breeze and the sun on my face...We also watched a large blue heron fishing in the river amid post-flood muck. Then that night we sat in a hot tub with good friends.
Sunday Jeep's parents joined us for the afternoon. We enjoyed White River Park again, and walked around the Indiana State Museum. I grilled some tenderloins and we surprised Karen with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday". Nice time.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003


We spent the weekend visiting with Ab's mom, Manon, in Knoxville. Ate some spicy bbq chicken. Mmmm. Helped her pack for her move closer to the good record and book stores of Knoxville. Yes, they do exist.

Drove home into the awful rain. Indianapolis got hit with a boatload of rain. 7.5 inches. The most ever for Naptowne.

I don't know if it was the summer heat (mid 90s), the gas prices going into Labor Day weekend ($1.65 gallon cheap), or that it was just that summer was ending but the "best" of Indy's "rednecks" decided it was time to let me know their opinion of bicyclists. First as I passed a junky Cavalier, the driver let loose his horn, yelling "I should get a car." I didn't make a comment about his blue cruiser.

Next a red moving van from Sherman Moving, drove up behind me honking non-stop. I guess he wanted me to get out of the way. Since there was no place to go and I was pissed, I drove further out in the lane in front of these jerks. This made them honk more, and then they finally had to change lanes, cursing and shaking their fists.

The next morning while riding to work, as I passed two JDs, one of them yelled "get out of the road." When I stopped they didn't say anything more. The funny thing is, one of them was on a bicycle. I guess he figured I would still be in his way when he got his drivers license and car.

I guess I'll still be in his way when he gets a DUI and has to walk . . . or ride a bike.

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