Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I was just reading the fun Mr Breakfast website. I am a card-carrying breakfast lover. My favorite breakfast? Hmm. Honeydew or cantelope with a Thomas's sourdough English muffin that's been bathed in butter and black raspberry jam. Or, a poached egg on buttered whole wheat toast. Or peanut butter toast with a side of bacon. Lately my breakfasts have been downright sparton in comparison to those- as I try to watch my waistline I have fruit with a bit of cheese or a container of organic yogurt. A good gala apple and an ounce of Cashel blue seems like a treat, but is completely within my limits. On weekends I like to make from scratch buttermilk pancakes and watch Jeep eat seven or eight. That man loves his bread. He'll eat five or six of my biscuits with butter and honey. If I ate that many I'd have to curl up and go back to sleep afterwards...

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