Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AWOL for 20 years, Hoosier battle flag is back | IndyStar.com 

AWOL for 20 years, Hoosier battle flag is back | IndyStar.com: "The Art Crime Team"

With all of the blue flags flying around here for the Colts, here is a blue flag of a different sort. Instead of blue and white, it's the blue and gold of the flag of the 25th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, which fought for the Union at Shiloh, Vicksburg and Atlanta.

Misappropriated from the Indiana World War Memorial sometime in the early 90s, it was found in an auction.

It's a little valuable to wave, but if I could I would wave it in the faces of the jacklegs who sport Old Dixie while they drive around with Indiana license plates on their trucks. Just a reminder: Indiana fought against the Confederates, and we won.

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