Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lunch Bikeride on the Murray Baja 

Took off on my 30 minute lunch ride today. Out over I-65, to 100 East 250 South. On the way:

Weedy fields of small soybean plants with mustard and 1/4 grown ragweed.

Young corn standing taller in uniform weedless rows.

A farm house well kept, back from the country road with what in Indy might be a park in front of the house. Big lush cottonwoods, maple and oak set in a fine mowed long rectangle with sun and deep shade.

A bi-plane swimming high above the till plain.

A walk-away from the Boone County Jail. The sheriff calling "Hey Hoss, where you headin'?"

Agelaius phoeniceus singing over the joy of a deep ditch all wild with life.

(I just looked up the latin last weekend.) Back to work.

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