Friday, July 24, 2009

Good time to be in the burying business. 

The other day the art director of the 1968 film, Yellow Submarine, Heinz Edelmann, died in Stuttgart, Germany. Edelmann was 75. My first experience watching "Yellow Submarine" would come from watching the movie on Saturday or Sunday afternoon matinees on our local UHF station, channel 19 in the 1970's. It was always worth watching, of course, because it was a cartoon. And the music was good.

I liked the Beatle's music, but didn't know a whole lot. I had 45's from Uncle Tim. He bought them new when he was a teen. By the time I was buying 45's it was just Paul McCartney. We had to sing some Beatle's songs in music class and school choir: Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, etc. But my experience with rock music was always second hand.

Our neighbors next door in my hometown had four sons. One was my age and the rest were older. So I learned something about rock music from the older brothers, who were their hair long and played around with motorcycles. One of the older brothers, Mark, had painted a large mural copy of the cover of the self-titled debut album by the New Riders of the Purple Sage on his wall. I thought that was pretty neat, but I had no idea what that music sounded like. Later when I would listen to WEBN I finally heard music from that album. Even later I would listen to the Grateful Dead. They had that song 'Friend of the Devil' which today I learned was written by a guy who died yesterday, John Dawson of the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

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