Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheeseburger Heaven 

Today JMS and I ventured out in the drear and damp to dine at Workingman's Friend. For years I have heard about their cheeseburgers- now I believe the hype. The Giant Double Cheeseburger is only $4.75 and it arrives towering lushiously above the plate. The patties are thin and the edges are like crisp beef lace, ready to snap off and pop in the eager mouth. But don't let the crunch fool you, these burgers do some serious juicy dripping- we both went through a forest in napkins trying to maintain some kind of decorum. The flavor of this amazing sandwich just encapsulated every childhood roadtrip visit to Howard Johnsons, Big Boy, or Holiday Inn dining room- the anticipation, novelty, and the big smell of a working griddle hissing with onions and burgers.
Really, do not miss going to this Indianapolis legend.

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