Saturday, April 26, 2008

Neighborhood Clean Up 

Today we started our neighborhood cleanup with the help of Mayors of Indy, Southport and Beech Grove as well as many volunteers from U of I and the neighborhood. Good people working as a team. Last year our neighborhood marked the beginning of this version of a speing clean up. This year 58 neighborhood groups are working today to clean the city. Earth Day is going on downtown. The art parade is going down Virginia Avenue.

It rained last night. The streets were quiet. The student partied Thursday and have left the streets. The summer-like humidity is gone. Today after the northern high pushed away the clouds, the sun is warming, the breeze a tonic. Like the darjeeling mint tea I about consume. Our grey cat is in the window behind the screen and the bars looking at our yard and the flowers. Outside it is so pretty is hurts to think about it, considering I have to go lay flooring in the bathroom.

(The robin picture I took a couple of Aprils past).
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