Friday, March 23, 2007

Historic Southern Indiana Place Names 

Historic Southern Indiana: "Place names in southern Indiana, like the state generally, fall into 13 categories (one example of each follows):

1. Names for a person (the most common). For example, William Henry Harrison
2. Names for other places (Switzerland County)
3. Locational names (West Fork White River)
4. Descriptive names (Tunnelton)
5. Inspirational names (Patriot)
6. Humorous or fanciful names (Santa Claus)
7. Indian and pseudo-Indian names (Wyandotte)
8. Names from languages other than English (Vincennes)
9. Incident names (Treaty Creek)
10. Folk etymology (Gnaw Bone, from Narbonne, a French city)
11. Names created by errors made by the Post Office Department of local clerks (Moores Hill, not the intended Moores Mill)
12. Coined names (Loogootee, from Lowe and Gootee)
13. Legends and anecdotes (Waterloo)"

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