Friday, November 03, 2006

Election 2006 

Gee, how do things go? I was not for us going to Iraq.
I voted for Kerry.
I didn't vote for Bush either of the last two elections.
Along with all of the other problems in the world, I realize that there is a major problem where fundamentalists are using terror and whatever tactics that they have available to push their agenda.

Now that we are in Iraq deep, I don't believe our nation can just walk away from
the mess. I have felt this way since we 'celebrated' our victory over Saddam.

Two years ago I thought some people would see, then, that things were going the wrong way. Two years go by and the President and many in his party have finally made a decision: "Let's stop using that 'stay the course' phrase".

Whoopee. This is an administration that listens to itself say over and over again, "We're doing a fine job. Keep up the good work."

The only way to get a message home to the President that he has been on the wrong course for some time, is to take some control away from him. Vote Democrat for Congress this Tuesday. Senate, House. Let's send a message home.

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