Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Iranian Cinema 1998 "The Silence" 

With Iran in the news everyday, it might or might not be helpful to look at some of the movies that have come out of Iran. Both of the following mentioned films will leave many viewers disappointed. I found both fulfilling but for different reasons.

Both are beautiful to behold. Both give glimpses of life in Iran in the late 90s. Probably the most I'll ever see, unless we go to war there someday. Both films suggest the terrible war between Iraq and Iran. Abbas Kiarostami's "Taste of Cherry" (1997) is about a man wanting to kill himself. Today we just watched Mohsen Makhmalbaf's "The Silence" (1998). It is the story of a young blind boy and the world of sound that makes up his life. The cinematography in it is gorgeous, oddly reminding me of some of the photography I have seen the Eames do. The scenery in conjunction with the sound gives an experience of being there, maybe more than that.

It reminds me more of an accomplished experimental film. At 77 minutes, it's a beaut.


Link to article on Iranian New Wave Cinema:


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