Monday, June 19, 2006

Good Vittles 

I tell you, Jeep and I have been eating like gods as of late. Fresh black raspberries are ripe in our yard now, and Saturday I made shortcake and whipped cream for them. We ate some sweet corn tonight that I steamed in the microwave and buttered using the technique: butter a roll thickly, slide the hot ear of corn around the roll until covered. Then you get to enjoy the melted butter soaked roll afterwards. We also had grilled ruby trout, and cantelope for dessert. Oh my. Tomorrow's bounty will bring Copper River Salmon, which I intend to grill on cedar planks. More corn. Steamed broccoli with some asiago cheese grated on. Food this time of year can't be beat...well, maybe it can be when the tomatoes finally come in the garden. I will be ready for them, turning them into sink sandwiches(sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, bread, mayo, sink) and fresh cream of tomato soup so good Campbells would cry. Now comes the time to throw mushrooms and onions on the grill glazed in teriaki sauce to be eaten at the picnic table with chopsticks...Now comes the time for farm eggs scrambled with fresh basil and fried baby potatoes on the side. Summertime... I tell you...

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