Friday, May 12, 2006

Unreasonably cold this morning, rainy to boot. On the bus this morning we had some new folks, a couple. She was white, wore an odd black head covering. He was African and wore brown cords with a huge red Winnie-the -Pooh sweatshirt. I wonder what makes a man in his thirties dress with the fashion sense of a seven year old. He was pouring over an over-sized paperback from some specialty press called "Staying Pure", cover adorned with blacks in 1890's garb, nose inches from the pages, not looking up as his companion droned on and on about the difficulties of obtaining a birth certificate. This is why I love the bus- you see people whose paths you may never cross otherwise.
Once on the Greenwood bus a huge man got on, tight clothes straining, face like a baby's. He clutched a big rubber pumpkin in his enormous paws. Got off Downtown, walked through the crowd swinging the pumpkin as he lumbered on.

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