Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Its Cider Time:

I'd like to go by Adrian's Orchard (http://www.adrianorchards.com/) tonight and buy some cider. Some apples too.
Time to get the hard cider going. At the end of summer me ma and da had over a bushel of Concords come in hanging over the dog pen. Down in Dillsboro.

We didn't know what to do so we mashed them and made wine. We'll see how it tastes. To follow that up we got some Chancellor red grape juice form Easley Winery (http://www.easleywine.com/) here in Indy and started 3 gallons of a red table wine.

So now to get a couple batches of cider going. The first will have honey and pears in it, probably a high sparkling.

Sunday was so beautiful. Went for a walk with Ab at the Broad Ripple City Park. People playing touch football in the field. Picnicing families on the lawn. Herons sailing under the cottonwoods over the White River. The smell of a maple leaves drying in the sun.

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