Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2417 mile drive to buy maple syrup. 

I'll have ab comment more, but here are some pics from our trip.
Through Jamestown, NY and the Alleghanies, Buck Pond in Adirondacks, across Lake Champlain on a ferry, Burlington, VT, up through the Green Mountains, Montpelier, VT, Lake Willoughby and Mount Hor near Island Pond, VT.
Then the Laurentian Mountains, Montreal, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and New York’s 1000 Island region.

By means of a rented new Dodge Grand Caravan minus the back seats. Used our new passports to cross into Quebec. Tent camped five nights. Stayed with friends twice.

Here we leave for the longest drive of the trip.
Eating at Columbus, Ohio "Goodie Boy" on High Street through the Alleghanies then Utica to Lake Lewey in the Adirondacks

Wake to loons on an impressive lake, then the Adirondack 'Visitors Center' and camp at Buck Pond near Onchiota

Oh Amazing Morning at Buck Pond/Love and Blueberries.
Across the north Adirondacks by the Silver Lake Bluffs, Ausable Chasm and the Port Kent ferry!

Burlington, VT to Mount Philo then Button Bay and Lake Champlain Sundown Stop in Burlington for a beer at the Vermont Pub & Brewery and some books from Crow Books, then blow this town. Really. There are better places to visit in VT than Burlington.

Button Bay State Park, Vergennes, Vermont

Gotta love those Green Mountains with their sugar shacks and cider mills and dairies and Ben and Jerry's

Meet up with friends George and Erica in Montpelier. Woah. What a good time with with friends. We got to stay at Erica's parent's woodland retreat.

Learn bead making from Isaac and George in downtown Montpelier. Many thanx to Art and Anne and Erica and Christian and Isaac too.
Then we made a break and let friend's get back to life, and we headed up to see the collected puppets of Bread and Puppets
in the great Northeastern Kingdom.

Reach Lake Willoughby and Mount Hor. Proceed to Brighton State Park on Island Pond in Northeast Vermont.

http://www.streamload.com/gfilter/Northeastern Kingdom to Montreal/index.html Stop at Derby, VT for more maple syrup from Paul's Sugarhouse, which is amazing, not only because it doubles as a dance hall, but just because. 9600 tapped trees. 35 cords of wood are burned each sugaring season.

Up past sugar shacks through Derby Line to Quebec. Followed by a night on Saint Denis in Montreal. Stop in a Cidrerie for some cider --

A long walk through Montreal involving the subway and Orangina.

Leave Montreal with bread and cider.

An extended drive to Akron along New York's Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Akron. Indianapolis. Yes.

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