Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gold Bond - Testimonials! Gold Bond Anti-Eechy Medication 

Yes, Gold Bond the Anti-Itch Powder and Ointment proudly advertises on both AM talk radio such as Indy's WIBC 1070 and Air America, that crazy pinko radio.

Here are testimonials from Gold Bond Lovers, like these crazy guys at the frat house. What do you think they do with all that Gold Bond. Lotsa itches just everywhere!? Yikes!

Gold Bond - Testimonials!: "We Love Our Gold Bond!
All the guys in my fraternity use Triple Action Gold Bond Medicated Powder and ointment - it’s a daily experience! We even fight over the green bottles when we run low. I used to use J&J Baby Powder and Baby Oil, but it doesn’t even compare to Gold Bond. Gold Bond gives you that tingling sensation...it cools...it keeps you dry all day. I love my Gold Bond, man! Send us some T-shirts!
Peter Dellacrosse, University of Maryland"

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