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Steve Lacy in action! Screen that Coker! See what our cat Dick thinks of Steve (Coker)! More pics here!

Steve Lacy has a show that opens tomorrow night. Read more here.

Opens June 3rd thru July 16th, 2005
Reception for the artists: Friday, June 3rd 6-9pm
Gallery hours: Tues–Sat, 11-5PM, & by private appt.
Contact: Linda Warren/Director

In Steve Lacy’s work, which he titles “Homemade Liberty: Tyranny and Mutation”, the artist gives us visual art to continue to explore with him his interest in “what happens when two or more disparate things come together for the first time.” Using text and image together, Lacy creates historical, social or formal juxtapositions. He believes it is from “initial meetings”, happening in “real” locations, that moments of self-recognition occur “where we are called upon to use our cognition to place ourselves in the situation at hand” and optimally rally an active response and instigate “one speedy little moment of challenge and truth.” The series of images presented in the gallery are an abstraction of the phenomenology of liberty.

Steve Lacy received his MA. in sculpture at Ball State University in 1997 and his MFA in performance at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. He has been working and exhibiting collaboratively for the last ten years with various groups, including Academy Records where he showed amongst other places at the Museum of Contemporary Art in their series 12 X 12: New Artists/New Works. He has been the recipient of many grants and awards. Zach Taylor received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. He has shown in venues throughout the Midwest and East Coast. This will mark his second exhibition at the gallery. Jonathan Waterbury attended The School of the Art Institute in Chicago as well, receiving a BFA in 1985 and an MFA in 1987. His works have been seen in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions in Chicago and elsewhere over the years, and this is the first commercial showing of new work in over ten years. His studio is in Winston Salem North Carolina.

More here: http://www.lindawarrengallery.com/

Gooberbloober, das twinklejeans!
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