Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Medical Marijuana Update 

For the Sick? Or for the Sad?

Here is an Exclusive from Oakland writer Morgan Jones about California's medical marijuana clinics:

Around the corner on Broadway are two new medical marijuana clinics, which I wouldn’t have noticed except for the smell of pot wafting down the sidewalk. They’re street-level offices in the same building as the Naropa-Oakland University of Creation Spirituality. There’s also an ink jet store and a military recruiting center nearby.

At first, the clinics were non-descript, dumpy waiting rooms, but now they’ve upgraded and look a tad more respectable. Aside from the smell, the only real clue to their purpose were the names, Compassionate Caregivers and Green Medicine Group.

One might expect to see a cancer patient in the vicinity, but no one looks very sick. Just about all the people I see in there are in their early twenties. The employees taking a cigarette break outside all look like, well, any young guys dealing pot, making it seem like a free for all with some shrewdly-worded literature backing it up.

The pot smoker bragging he’s got a line on some killer medical marijuana is pretty much a Bay Area cliché at this point.

In San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors just put a cap on the number of medical marijuana clinics, stopping them at around 30. The political backers of medical marijuana support the cap, projecting that the more they’re regulated, the more entrenched the practice will become.

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