Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Drive Home Poem 

It takes a bit to get home now, running errands can be stressful. I took a shortcut to get to the library, and saw as the road dipped below a cluster of flashing red and blue. Turned off and drove down a couple of odd streets- roads twice as wide as they should be, roads with huge speed bumps, dead ends, all grey and litter strewn streets that somehow got me turned around and back right on top 0f the flashing lights. I tried not to look as they loaded the person but I felt as if in a fog, and my eyes darted then slowly settled...The person: wrapped in head bandages and bloody, the mouth frozen scream and a thin arm flopped up near the face...I slowly slid my car on past. A quick stop at the library, then noticed two ducks flying in circles over theparking lot.Driving again saw a great blue heron flying over Shelby Street. The cars halted, people watching, mouths open. Wind picked up, rocked my car. On to home. I can cry now, if I want to...

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