Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Muncie C . . . old Times 

Yesterday I threw "Steve Coker" into the Google blender. What got tossed out all over the table cloth were the following:

Bob Chaos Recordings. The Muncie Sampler, Latent Chaos, and video of the No Bar and Grill. Wow. Listen to all of your favorites from days of olde. Dozens and dozens of hits from the likes of Band of Fun, John Scot Sheets, and Modern Vending. Besides all that, there is attractive artwork and you can watch two videos shot in the No Bar.


Secondly, I found a blog from the diaries of Dean Clean of the Dead Milkmen, who played a few times at the No Bar. Steve Coker, Modern Vending, The Singles. Read more here . . .

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