Monday, October 11, 2004

Meeting Charles Mexico 

Earlier this year I posted about our discovery of the Wrens through their powerful album "The Meadowlands". When I read on Pitchfork Media that their lead singer Charles Bissell (sometimes facetiously known as Charles Mexico) would open for Mendoza Line in Bloomington on his solo tour, my jaw dropped- especially when I found out he's playing on a Friday.
Jeep, Kim, Jo and I drove down to Bear's Place on 3rd, and drank many beers as we watched the debates and waited for Charles to start. He was spotted in the audience stringing his guitar, so fortified by beer I bravely sauntered over and introduced myself. Turns out he's quite a nice gentleman, recently laid off from his NY day job, touring around solo and with the Wrens . He accompanied himself with some delay pedals and played with virtuosity and enthusiasm. He even played my favorite, "Ex-Girl Collection". After the show we talked some more and bought some discs and wished him well. People, I command you to listen to the Wrens- their music is a fresh interpretation of pop with indy spirit and intelligent songwriting.

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