Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Happy Halloween. 

Seared Tuna and Tiny Chicken.
Ab will fill in.

Happy Halloween. I know many of you are all wrapped up in the tight Hoosier election and will Kerry pull the state out from under GWB, but let's stop and remember the Great Pumpkin.

Two writers who have given that Halloween rag an extra squeeze for me are James Witcomb Riley and Edgar Allen Poe.
Our Indiana writer has a grave on the highest hill in Indianapolis, a view many Hoosiers don't even know exists. Ed Poe is buried in Westminster Burying Ground in Baltimore, a classic churchyard. It is sweet.

We got to visit it a few days before the anniversary of his death on a gorgeous autumn day when we were in Bawlmer to see the Munedaug-Studebakers.

Here's a view.

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