Friday, August 13, 2004

Yo Baby Momma 

A mother, Stephanie Michelle Gillum, was shot down near a Carmel, Indiana park this week. The most likely suspect is the father of her 5 month old son, Willie Dumes, who has restraining orders against him. Dumes has several priors. From the Indianapolis Star, Dumes has these fine words about Gillum.

"I love my baby momma more than I love myself," he said in a telephone interview.

Looking up 'baby momma' on Urban Dictionary will get you this: Derisive name for the ho that mothered your child when you have no intention of ever making an honest woman out of her. Man, I'm too drunk to drive home tonight, I better call up my baby momma fo' a ride.

The Urban Dictionary is a little suspect as a resource since anyone, inluding myself, may add their own definitions.
Another search for 'baby momma' gets an argument about Kweisi Mfume, and his children.


Too bad this 5 months old baby's mother couldn't get more respect.

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