Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Stun Guns to be Banned in Marion County 

Residents could face a $250 fine for purchasing stun guns in Marion County under a proposal introduced Monday in the City-County Council -- a legislative body that rarely has delved into weapons control.


"If a subject uses a stun gun and incapacitates an officer, he can then get in control of the officer's weapon and use it against him," said Democrat Sherron Franklin, the measure's sponsor, who represents Lawrence Township.

So someone who owns a stun gun wouldn't just happen to own a handgun also? If you are shooting a cop with a stun gun, you wouldn't need the officer's gun to kill him. You could just brain him with a lampstand. I wouldn't expect the above scenario to happen very freakin often. It's just a dumb idea. And if I was a police officer and had a choice of being shot with a stun gun or a .38, I'd pick the stun gun.

Don Davis of Don's Guns said doing away with stun guns is one of the worst ideas he's heard in 30 years.

"That is so ridiculous," said Davis, who sells stun guns that start at about $34. "A stun gun will not hurt anyone."

Davis said the device -- like pepper spray -- is good for people who want to fend off an attacker without pulling the trigger on a gun. They've been around for years and "sell like crazy," he said.

Wouldn't we want to encourage people to purchase safer alternatives to handguns for personal safety?

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