Monday, August 16, 2004

Sea of Flesh, Animal & Human 

Ah the Indiana State Fair- the best $6 expenditure you can make this time of year. I went with husband and in-laws on Sunday, and although at times I felt adrift in a sea of human flesh it was a very good afternoon overall. Some things I saw: huge glistening black Percheron horses being hosed down. Slightly sinister looking hogs, one of which was "talking" loudly to no one in particular. Tiny baby rabbits that made me squeak in delight. Large well crafted quilts, one after the other, worthy of their own exhibit hall. Watched an exhibit of some microwave steamer gadgets and ended up buying them with visions of Chinese dumplings dancing in my head. Sat next to a woman in a cowgirl get up worthy of an early kd lang eat a deep fried Twinkie with no enthusiasm. Watched the sun slide down wrapping up a good day with the family.

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