Saturday, August 14, 2004

Olympics: Good Time for All 

By the time the 2000 Games were half over, the Olympians had exhausted the initial supply of 80,000 gold, silver and bronze condoms that had been available for the taking from large bowls that dotted the (Olympic) village. Another shipment of 20,000 promptly appeared, but it didn't last long.

The ancients would have understood distribution of 130,000 free condoms in the Olympic Village this month. Few cultures have worshiped physical perfection as the Greeks did.

They might not have understood the inclusion of so many women athletes. None were allowed in the Games back then.

"It's all about safe sex ... and there's tons of that going on," says Diane Jones Konihowski, the three-time Olympian pentathlete who was Canada's chef de mission in Sydney. "That's the fun of it, I suppose. You're not going to find a better hotbed of bods. I mean, athletes are very physical people by nature, and there are some really nice specimens walking around.

"You're living in a fantasy world. You've got maid service, you don't have to cook any meals. The hormones are raging. It's sort of a natural phenomenon."

Adds Canadian cyclist Curt Harnett, who won three medals in four Olympics: "I never came across any orgies. But it was evident. (Sex) was everywhere. Everybody knew it. They don't give away thousands of condoms for no reason. For four years, your life revolves around the competition, and once that's over, it's time to blow off some steam."



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