Thursday, August 05, 2004

Norman Mailer and His Son 

Second or third story down this link on Boing Boing is a brief conversation between Norman Mailer and his son about the next presidency. I would have posted the direct link but I noticed our old Clifton neighbor David Pescovitz posted the link on Boing Boing.

The conversation I agree with. Corporations continue to entrench themselves into our soil. Many people in this country may feel it, but not see it. Whether you like Ralph Nader or not, he is trying to make Americans see. I don't view all corporations or their employees as evil. I think most of the problems with corporations are unintended consequences.

Most people who run or work for corporations intend for good things to come from their labors. But the very nature of corporations and the way they interact with one another produce effects that are harmful to the planet, to our children, and to our souls. History has never seen the likes of the modern corporation. Our founding fathers had some ideas, but they were never confronted with them.

We can adjust how we live with corporations. The beast can be brought under control.

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