Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush, what is he good for? 

If Shrub gets elected again this year, he gonna have to work a lot harder.

The recent news from the US Census Bureau says poverty continues to rise. For the third year in a row the number of Americans who lack health insurance grew . . . to 45 million people. The report says that income heeld steady, which means it didn't shrink, but it also didn't grow.

Poverty. 1 in 4 blacks lives in poverty, a bit worse than the case for Hispanics. The total number of Americans who officially live in poverty stands around 35.9 million. Now it is important to understand what qualifies you as poor: a family of four cannot earn over $18810 a year. If you take that family and have both parents work 40 hour weeks, their hourly pay works out to $9 an hour. So if you make $12 an hour your just low income. Indiana has a relatively low poverty rate compared to the nation and our neighbors.

Health insurance. Bushie has a plan too help with the health insurance issue. His plan would provide an additional 1.3 million Americans with insurance over the next four years. With the new stats from the US Census, that number won't quite cover the 1.4 million citizens who lack health coverage.

More on America's health care safety net. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/27/opinion/27krugman.html?hp

Why do you think our current for-profit multi-payer health insurance program is the best choice? How do we compare to other countries? How much does it cost them per capita? What is the life expectancy here as opposed to other industrialized countries? The answers are easy to find.

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