Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Anniversary Number XIII

Ab and I were married 13 years ago today. We celebrated over the weekend with a canoe trip down the White River, a stopover at Camp Chesterfield, dinner at Scholar's Inn, and listening to a couple of bands at Radio Radio.

You can have an extemely relaxing and easy float on the White River if you go to the Shelton Family's Canoe Country canoe rental in Daleville, Indiana. The Shelton family offers clean new canoes and kayaks for trips running canoes between Muncie and Anderson. The White River averaged about 2.5 feet deep for most of the trip. Huge cottonwoods and sycamores provided shade for most of the trip. Kingfishers and lesser sandpipers accompanied us the entire trip. Canoe Country has a no booze policy -- I didn't miss the beer nor did I miss the crowds of drunks that you get on some of the other Hoosier streams. At the end of the trip, Mr. Shelton offered us a couple of ice cream sandwiches since it was our anniversary. And one of the young attendants, possibly a granddaughter, listened with interest as Abby told of all mishaps she had to endured since she married me.

On the way out to Yorktown to be dropped off at the launch, we met the elder Shelton, who has been married 65 years. I must point out once again, the Shelton's epitomize small town friendly Hoosier folk. I would canoe there again tomorrow.


We met up with Pat Garvey and Kim Bennett Atkins and her son, Nathan, at Camp Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Indiana. I had never visited the historic Spiritualist enclave before. The grounds have a good feeling. At the very least, Camp Chesterfield deserves a trip because it is Indiana living history. It has recently been added to the National Register of Historic Places. Its Sunflower Hotel is a classic example of a kind of building that is pretty much gone. Hotels of this type once were common near mineral springs and other recreational areas.

Spiritualism has its promoters and its detractors. The criticisms stem mainly from charlatans who took advantage of other peoples beliefs with parlor tricks. Many of the critics will probably not tell you that their bias has more to do with their own traditional dogmas. While I do not believe in some of the things espoused by spiritualists, most of their beliefs are as valid as those of more traditional religions. Today Camp Chesterfield is still alive with believers.


After dinner at Mass Avenue's Scholars Inn, we went down Virginia Avenue to Fountain Square's Radio Radio. We caught a great band, Walker Kong, from Minneapolis. They were a lot of fun and had good stage. The next band, a local favorite, Brando, were pretty good, although we were getting pretty tired at this point, so some of their stuff was lost on us.

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