Wednesday, June 30, 2004

We are trying to get caught up after a splendid time in Chicago. Visited Amy and her new kitten in her spacious digs...enjoyed the free Lincoln Park Zoo and a garlic-laden feast of Spanish tapas at Emilio's. Sunday we went to the University of Chicago with its splendid lush campus of tall trees and towering limestone. Their Mesopotamian Gallery was stunning to view. I approached the 40 ton winged bull as astonishment washed over me- its mass combines with its delicate artistry in an unlikely union that left me speechless.
We saw the Magnetic Fields play at the Old Town School of Folk Music. I cannot think of the last concert I went to that made me laugh as much. Stephin Merrit's lyrics are droll and wry as well as poignent. "The Book of Love" is my favorite love song now, and Merrit said people are always asking to perform it at weddings...
While we ate plenty of tasty things in Chicago I did miss out on two items of wonderful caloric gluttony: hot dogs and deep dish pizza. No town does either quite like Chicago. The hotdogs are festooned with relish, peppers, tomato slices, celery seed, onions and mustard, served on poppy seed rolls. Of course, deep-dish pizza is served all over now but I think it's best in its hometown.

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