Thursday, June 24, 2004

Indiana Dirtier Than Most 

When you think about Indiana you think farms. But we have a lot of industry, or maybe just some very dirty industry. Toxic pollutants from Indiana industry rose 7% in 2002. Even while many Indiana factories were shuttered because of the poor economy.

"This is good news for all Hoosiers," state environmental Commissioner Lori Kaplan said in a written statement. Lori was speaking about the 5% decrease in cancer-causing pollutants. Lori Kaplan is currently looking for a post-public sector job where she can take her talent for glossing over the facts to the next level, corporate lobbyist.

Indiana ranks in the top for mercury hotspots. Indiana's coal plant emmissions went up in 2002.

"Driving Indiana's increase was AK Steel Rockport Works in Spencer County, which released an additional 7.9 million pounds of nitrates into the Ohio River in 2002. The steel-rolling mill quickly became one of the state's top polluters after opening in 1998 and has pushed Spencer County's rank to No. 1 in the state for pollution discharges -- followed by Lake County in northwest Indiana."

Read the Star's article

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