Friday, June 11, 2004

"Greg's in the backseat. He's carsick." "That's a Pop-tart with Applejacks" 

All these years I thought I had a sinus headache.

Reuters says an Arizona neurology specialist says 9 of 10 suspected sinus headaches are actually migraines.

This jives with two headache and pain seminars I have sat in with.
Next time I start to go through my headache pattern of more than 3 headaches a week (not including those from drink) i am heading for the doctor for a script.

This certainly ties in with those gosh dangit headaches I get with motion sickness.

"In the IHS system, migraine without aura replaces common migraine. Four out of five people with migraine experience migraine without aura. This type of migraine consists of periodic headaches that are usually throbbing and one-sided, made worse by activity, and associated with nausea, and increased sensitivity to light and noise. Patients often refer to these headaches as "sick" headaches because of the nausea. The headache builds slowly in intensity and usually lasts from several hours up to a whole day. Patients usually prefer to lie down in a quiet dark room during the headache and often feel better after sleep. "

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