Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bonnaroo : I did not go, but it sounded fun 

unless you were one of the two concertgoers who died.

Some Bonnaroo statistics compiled locally:

More than 1,000 employees on staff; 1,500 volunteers expected to raise more than $76,000 for local non-profits; 6,441,000 total wattage of electrical power generated; 50,000 gallons of fuel used; 39 miles of electrical cable; 217 telephone lines; 570 walkie- talkies; one million pounds of ice; catering kitchens feeding more than 15,000 meals to artists, crew and staff; 1,250 portable restrooms; millions of gallons of water given away free; 500 water stations; 10,000 feet of water pipe; 16,200 square feet of mist tents; 9,500 feet of plywood wall; 15,000 tons of rock laid for roads; more than 200 tons of recyclables to be collected.

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