Friday, May 14, 2004

The previous blog linked to pictures from a slaughterhouse, and after looking at them I realized they didn't really bother me. I know that porkchop was carved from the carcass of a large dead animal, and it had to be slaughtered and bled out. The aspect of meat eating that does disturb me is the animal's life prior to slaughter. Most of our food animals in the United States lead short unpleasant lives crammed into cages or pens inside huge factory farms, all in the name of quick growth and profit for the "farmer"(corporate entity).
In Germany, farmers are required to provide chew toys to hogs to help with the boredom of confinement. In England law mandates that farmers have some kind of contact with the hog daily- just a couple of pats on the rump or a scratch behind the ear improves quality of life. In America, thanks to the Slow Food movement and animal rights activists, some meat animal producers are raising small sustainable herds, allowing the creatures to live outdoors, grazing and rooting at will. People pay higher prices for the end product, but the quality of the animal's life is evident in its meat.
We try to buy from 4-H animals or small producers when we can. We also eat less meat. I would like to reduce our meat-eating even more...but I doubt I could give it up altogether.

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