Monday, May 17, 2004

National Bike to Work Week 

And National Bike Month.

Take advantage of the great weather and give those wheels a whirl.
Take a load off your car, get some exercise.

Someone recently emailed me one of those forwarded pass-on type email messages. It was saying May 19th should be National Do Not Buy Gas Day. Their idea is that we all don't buy gas that day we would teach the oil companies a lesson. A coworker said that sounded dumb. If people don't change their driving habits they would still have to buy gas the next day.

What you can do to really make a difference, making our country stronger, reducing our trade deficit, and not providing funds to terrorist nations (Saudi Arabia) is to reduce fuel consumption.

While riding a bike is great, some cannot make use of that form of transportation. You can walk, take the bus, carpool. Combine trips so you run all of your errands at once, reducing car trips. I am sure you can think up a few more creative ways not to drive.

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