Friday, May 07, 2004

Federal drug regulators yesterday rejected a drug maker's application to sell a morning-after pill over the counter because of concerns about whether young girls would be able to use it safely.

"The FDA has done a terrible disservice to the public with this decision and continues to manifest a pattern of disregard for science from the current administration. There is unprecedented support for over-the-counter access to emergency contraception among the medical community and the public," says Felicia Stewart, MD, ARHP board member and co-director of the Center for Reproductive Health Research & Policy at UCSF. "The medical evidence overwhelmingly shows Plan B is safe, effective, and appropriate for OTC use by women of all ages. This product's potential to reduce unintended pregnancy offers a significant public health benefit."

"Studies show that greater access to emergency contraception makes it more likely young women will use it early, when it works best. Research also shows that teenagers understand EC is a back-up option. Having it on hand does not increase the chances they'll have unprotected sex or use their regular birth control method less often."

"There's also no evidence that use of EC is associated with an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections. At the same time, researchers and medical professionals have long documented the potentially harmful impact an unintended pregnancy can have on teenagers,
their families, and their future."

Emergency Contraception (here the drug Plan B) has been used in Europe, tested extensively here, and ok'd by the FDA's own council. But because some conservatives are uncomfortable with ANY type of contraceptive, the Bush administration is delaying a very safe over-the-counter contraceptive to American woman. So it appears the Bush Administration will continue to discount valid science to promote their vacant conservative agenda. An agenda that includes being both anti-abortion and also anti-contraceptive. A vote for Bush is a vote for NO CHOICE: have babies; stay home; be illiterate; die young.

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