Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Folks, if a fast-food store manager tells you he needs to strip-search you, pop him in the eye.

Over the last five years some perv in northern Florida has been calling up fast food restaurants (that would include Applebee's) and saying he was a police detective. The guy purports that a suspect is in the managers restaurant and must be nabbed immediately. The phone cop gives a description, usually of a young female, and what type of contraband the suspect is carrying: a stolen pocket watch, drugs, etc. The manager never seems to catch on and follows the caller's directions all the way through a strip-search, that may even include a cavity search.

This con has successfully worked at dozens of restaurants around the country. Burger King has paid out $35000 to one of the victims of these strip-searchs. It would seem hard to believe a manager of a franchise would fall for such a goofy con, unless you have worked in the fast food world for more than 10 minutes. Then you know that a high percentage of fast food managers are there for a reason, and that reason is they are flat-faced one-dimensional thinkers with the depth equal to spittle in the bottom of a beer bottle. Unfortunately the best fast food manager is going to be a lower-middle level order taker with the idea that he/she has risen to the top of the fast-food chug train and whose sole enjoyment in life is to boss people around. The fast-food manager has the uneviable position of only being able to boss people so long before they jump ship and go down to Arby's to sell chunked beef.

So it isn't to surprising that some former fast-food employee has decided to have some fun by plugging in to the automated side of Taco Bell Tyrant, the Burger King Boss, the Subway Saddam.

Source Indianapolis Star

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