Monday, January 05, 2004

Western Queensland continues to swelter in hot and dry conditions, with Birdsville in the far south-west yesterday reaching 49 degrees.
From the Wire:
It was the hottest January day on record for Birdsville and 10 degrees above average.

Windorah and Boulia reached 45 degrees, Cloncurry 44 and Quilpie 43.

Birdsville publican Kim Fort says while locals are used to hot weather, this week's temperatures have been extreme.

"Under the verandah we've got a thermometer hanging out there, it's around about the 51 mark, 51.5 and there's no better place to be when you've got temperatures like that than in the pub."

"But as I say hot's hot, when you get past 45 then a few degrees is not going to make any difference here or there."


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