Saturday, January 31, 2004

Sunny and Blue Marble Morning. Black crows eating dry cat food on the stump. We ate breakfffast at City Cafe. Cinnamon roll +++. Eggs Benedict ++++. Veggy Hash ++++. Priced right. Serviced right, well i mean serviced in the traditional sense. Err. Well not that kinda service.

We went to the Herron Gallery to see an exhibit with work by Charles Gick, Jeremy Tubbs, Bill Viola and Patrick Zentz. Good stuff. Weather controlled accoustic instruments. Video art that is beyond video art. Indiana art that smells like farm and pasture.

Last night we watched the French Connections 2. The first Hollywood film to attach a number to its butt for its sequel. Not bad. Popeye Doyle gets hooked on skag and spends a lot of the movie with the help of a Frenchie cop trying to get that monkey off his back.

Then we talked to Morgan (see below) and Pat G. And ate ab's homemade pizza fresh off the stone.

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