Wednesday, December 17, 2003

X-er-Cyser :
We have moved our btach of Cyser, mead made with apple juice instead of water, into the second carboy. Didn't calculate the water in the honey, so the extra half gallon is in a mini-carboy. Looks funky with a few raisins floating in a milky yellow grog.

5 Gallons of pressed preservative-free unfiltered apple juice (apple cider)
5 lbs. Honey
1 lb. Raisins, chopped
Some diced apples and pears
5 camden tabs to kill wild yeasts
Warm honey in half gallon cider
pour all ingredients in fermentation bucket, and shake the bucket, with lid on.
Add yeast, wine yeast if available, cider yeast is even better.
Put it away cuz it will smell strong for several days.
After fermentation slows, about 1-2 weeks, move to glass carboy, straining out the fruit.
Store in basement for a couple months.
Bottle and put up for a year.

We also bottled our Sweet Georgia Brown Ale that has been additionally dry hopped with some Cascade hops for the aroma.


I am feeling less pain, but it still hurts to lift items over ten pounds. And my neck was stiff this morning. An ache that starts in the muscles of my neck and drapes over my shoulders.


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