Monday, December 08, 2003

Well, doodly, its Dekembre. Abby has got my strep/flu/cold or such. Or she may have peeked it up from anyone of the small tykes we saw at Me Maw's Xmas Gathering Saturday. Today my tonsils are again sore after not hurting for several days. I have had the flu shot. Hmmm. We sat in Gerke's hottub later Saturday, with Captain Gilley.

Friday we smoked our house when the damper on the chimney didnt fully open. But after we fussed around a bit, we had a roaring blaze burning some applewood.

I am trying to get my Director project up online for all to see. At the same time I need to makes some dubs of Otto Filter's home movies. I ended the busy weekend by flushing the coolant system on our Luminator. I rode my bike in for the first time since I got sick before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, a holiday that is under-appreciated. It can be celebrated by Atheist or Anabaptist, Extreme Right-Wing Nutballs or Left-wing Loonies. We should make the day after Thanksgiving a national holiday too. Why a Thursday, but no Friday?

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